Saturday, January 14, 2017

“The Assembler of Parts,” by Raoul Wientzen

Michelle King’s ratings:

1.      Premise 8
2.      Prose 5
3.      Plot 6
4.      Characters 5
5.      Overall 4

Comments (optional - but try to keep it under 3000 words!)

I honestly struggled with this book a lot. The author is extremely descriptive, which I usually enjoy, but it felt unnecessary at times. It does have a very different point of view so I would give the premise an 8. Because of the often over descriptive writing I give the prose a 5. Plot I give a 6. Characters a 5. And overall a 4. It is a book that will bring up a lot of discussion but it didn't captivate my attention nor hold my interest. I enjoyed the idea but I feel the execution struggled. I'm sorry this isn't a very positive review, but I wanted to be truthful.  

FM's ratings:

          1. Premise 9
          2. Prose 6
          3. Plot 8
          4. Characters 7
          5. Overall 7

Comments (optional - but try to keep it under 3000 words!)

I like the premise of this book quite a lot, despite the somewhat overbearing religious tones.  I think Michelle is exactly on point about the prose being un-captivating.  The writing wasn’t sloppy or amateurish or confusing in any way; but rather “clinical” perhaps – as if written by a medical practitioner of some kind.  Which, of course, it was.  I think the author tried to escape that tone, but didn’t quite do so for me, though I expect many to disagree.  What we do get here is a very clear look at how being born with physical deformities, or being the parent of such a person, can be difficult in ways most of us don’t readily perceive.  The perspective of the special needs child, from the inside looking out, is nicely communicated here.  As a side bonus, the effect that alcoholism can have on extended family is viewed in a remarkably sensitive way, as well.  This book definitely has its merits; but it just falls a little short of being recommended by me.