Tuesday, November 29, 2016

One for the Money,” by Janet Evanovich

FM’s ratings:
1.      Premise 9
2.      Prose 8
3.      Plot 9
4.      Characters 8
5.      Overall 9

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I have been curious about this author and this series for a long time, having heard a lot of good things about them.  All true!  No, it’s not a literary masterpiece; doesn’t try to be.  But it is an outstanding bit of entertainment and escapism, which is exactly what many of us are looking for in a novel.  The formula here is that we start with a person whose life is pretty ho-hum - which is how most of us perceive our own lives – and then that character suddenly finds him/herself in an exciting, dynamic situation; which is exactly what most of us think we would prefer (until, of course, our lives are being seriously threatened!).  Stephanie Plum is extremely relatable, though many of the other characters are somewhat stereotypical, especially the “bad guys.”  The author takes time to show Plum actually learning how to use a gun before she magically becomes adept with it.  Smart.  The use of humor, as with so MANY of my go-to authors, is superb.  This is definitely another series that I will continue with, though not necessarily in the order they are written

Here’s the December line-up! 

“The Naming of the Dead,” by Ian Rankin [12-3-16]
“Six Geese A-Slaying,” by Donna Andrews [12-10-16]
“Twelve Drummers Drumming,” by C. C. Benison [12-17-16]
“A Highland Christmas,” by M. C. Beaton [12-24-16]
“The Christmas Train,” by David Baldacci [12-31-16]

(As always, if there are any books you’d like to recommend for next month, please do so.  Also, if you have already read one on our previous lists, you are invited to send your ratings and or comments for that book!)